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December 1st @ 11:00am EST
What REAL USERS Think Of PostViral is a unique SaaS application that allows you to send customized messages to anyone who comments on one of your Facebook Fanpage posts. This is a powerful new emerging strategy for list building, viral marketing and prospect engagement that will allow you to take your marketing automation to new heights. Front End
$19.95 via 3 Campaigns
$29.95 via Unlimited Campaigns
$1.00 Trial for 48 hours

Sales Funnel
OTO1 @ $47 via Super Affiliate Campaigns
OTO2 @ $197 via License Rights opportunity
OTO2DS @ $77x3 split pay
OTO3 @ $97 via Webinars
200 sales = $300 bonus
100 sales = $150 bonus
50 sales = $100 bonus SWIPE COPY
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Yours in commissions,
Matthew Neer
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